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My Little Black Book of Events


The Southwest is a hotbed of culture. Check out events led by or with themes of African and Caribbean arts and culture, Black British culture, political engagement, campaigning and activist activity gender equality and events in the community.

Support across our region.

By advertising events we are not endorsing any one event –  you can make your own judgements on what you like / dislike – we’re simply looking to help you manage your diary, provide opportunities to connect with our network, and in particular support the promotion of events across our region.

Black Stars

Black Stars – Sometimes we need to pro actively and consciously show love for black led organisations, events, arts and activities. So we’ve created the ‘Black Star Branding’, inspired by *Holly Tarquini’s F-rating (link this). The number of black stars indicates the extent to which a product is black led, black created or hosted in black owned spaces. Products can receive a maximum of 3 stars.

Black owned venue/business/organisation
Black produced
Black artist/facilitators

Like / don’t like this? Tell us what you think or how we can improve our ‘Black Star Branding’. Send a message 


*”The F-Rating is applied to films by cinema’s and film festivals giving movie-goers an easily identifiable label so that they can choose films that fairly represent women on screen and behind the camera. Highlighting these films sends a clear message to distributors, producers and funders that women can and should have more than just a supporting role within the industry”

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