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Our #salute to women out there who are doing great things that we think you should know about!

Mica Whitcliffe

Graphic + web designer


What’s the dream?

I want to be an icon in the design world. As corny as it may sound, but I’ve always said I want to be the Michael Jackson of the design world. I don’t want to be confined to only graphic design, but I want to reach other mediums of design. I hope to go into marketing and print. My dream is to become the go-to for design, print & marketing on a global scale.

Who inspires me?

I have a ton of people who inspire me, not because they’re designers, but they challenge what’s normal. Thinking beyond boundaries and outside the box. But if I had to chose creatives who inspire me, I’d choose basquiat & Kanye West every time. They make what they want to. They make what they feel and people relate to it. They make their feelings. And that’s what inspires me, creativity accepted for what it is. Emotive & boundless.

My advice.

If you truly believe you’re following your heart desire for the right reasons, don’t stop until you get there. Or you’ll be left with what ifs and maybes, and regret. It’s very hard. It’s extremely hard. But self belief plays a huge part, faith & applying yourself to it. Dont sit around thinking things will just come your way, like I did, and waste valuble time.

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Image credit: Stacy Olika

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