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H E L L O @ O J I J I P U R P L E . O R G . U K

Our PowerFesto

Black is Beautiful

Woman are the majority

Evolve or Dissolve

Celebrate Difference

Love is Love

Young People will one day run this country – let’s invest in them now

Always Promote Equity

Black Lives Matter

You have a gift, share it

Affirmations for social change.

What is OJiJi Purple?

The OJiJi Purple Project exists to actively campaign, support and promote political, social and economic equality for all.

Our mission is to ensure *black communities, all *women and young people feel proud, included and valued in the cities they live, and that they feel connected, have safe spaces, and feel confident that they can affect the changes they wish to see in this world.


Everyday Activism

Running campaigns and mobilising an active movement of people, who are passionate for social justice and believe that we can and need to improve the life experiences of a world majority.


Connecting Communities

Providing a range of platforms for people to connect, learn, share, debate and discuss.

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Using the power of media, art, music and technology as a tool to engage
and speak with our supporters and allies.


Young People

Supporting young people to be confident in who they are, and to be equipped to take social action on issues they feel passionate about

There is still so much work to be done in the fight for equality and equity –
this project is our contribution to the #struggle

Mena Fombo – Founder and Director –


Esmee Fairbairn